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Jesse Broadwater- but using a whole shoot thru cable system on a bow such as a Hoyt, requires some other changes sometimes, and other modifications, to make it work right… and not everybody wants to do that, or knows what to do…. Jesse Broadwater- other question up there on scope set up Jesse Broadwater- I use a CR scope, and for Redding and field, I use the frosted lens…. jason t -Thank you Hamdog -I hold a lot steadier with more weight on my bow but my bow arm really gets tired after about 6 ends I then the sight picture is not so steady.

Jesse Broadwater- so I found the arc tec rods in France this year at Nimes, and brought it home, and tried it…. jason t -I would like to know what your scope set-up is for the orange spots at the marked yardage championship in Redding. Jesse Broadwater- been using the 5 power feather vision lens, with homemade frosting paper…. I would assume that this is because I do not have enough holding weight.

Please do not email me or the Honda Performance site with questions relating to it. 1.8 What are some good books/magazines/links to check out? During the combustion process in an engine, at about 572 degrees F., nitrous breaks down and releases oxygen.

I have also removed any email addresses since many of the contributors to this FAQ are no longer invloved with the Honda scene. 1.9 I have a question about working on my car, does this FAQ answer it? 1.11 What will my emissions be like after modifications? This extra oxygen creates additional power by allowing more fuel to be burned.

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0.0 Table of contents Dictionary 1.0 Purpose/Background/Administrative/Tuning Primer 1.1 What's the purpose of this FAQ? 1.13 Where can I go to find information on people's cars? Nitrous also has a tremendous "intercooling" effect by reducing intake charge temperatures by 60 to 75 degrees F. It's a good idea to understand them all before proceeding with modifications.The ‘Bernina Express’ trains – at , , , , , , and – usually slow down to a speed of about 20 km/hour and may even stop on the viaduct so that passengers can admire its construction and take photographs.