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18-Dec-2017 06:19

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If you’re serious about becoming a sex god in bed, then do yourself a HUGE favour and watch this video. Find the sweet spot where your pelvis meets her butt and pound her like a naughty girl.

This one is great for getting deep into her vagina and you can both take turns, she can either ride you and bounce or you can just pound her. You’ll have to have some decent upper arm strength to pull this position off for any good length of time, but when you do it’s f**king awesome!

You won’t get very deep inside her, but you will be hitting her g-spot which will feel awesome for her. Kneel down as if you were assuming the missionary position. Take her legs and lift them up so either foot is resting on both of your shoulders 4. Grab a pillow and place it beneath the small of her back so he butt is pushed up and you’re now penetrating at an angle… This can be an awkward one, so make sure you both pretty flexible. Place a pillow underneath her stomach so that the butt is propped up. Get on top of her (without laying on her) and begin penetrating her vagina. Use your body weight to get very deep and play around with the pressure/speeds.

You can chat in the terminal via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and chat offline in the air, getting you that much closer to the mile-high club..other unicorn of the dating world.

As John Cusack brilliantly put it in 2000’s Glimpse pulls back the curtain and shows off your extracurriculars to potential matches.

"People are really bad about talking about themselves.

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Make friends, watch amateur videos and participate in LIVE webcam sex chats. are you seriously still boning chicks in the missionary position? toe curling, back scratching orgasms that will keep you on her mind for months to come.

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