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24-Sep-2017 17:46

Houston police have been notified and is stepping up enforcement in the area as a result. And it needs to be done immediately.”The City recently passed two homeless ordinances, including one that bans tents in public areas.

Eichenbaum explained urinating and defecating in public is illegal. Something needs to be done about it, because the people who live in that area have worked hard to get their homes, and are having to protect their homes from other people coming in. City officials say it is a complex process, but the tent ordinance is being enforced through police issuing a series of warnings, tickets, then eventually making arrests.

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HOUSTON - A Museum Park resident says her doorbell camera captured a man relieving himself on her doorstep Saturday morning. Alexandra Ulsher tells KHOU 11 News she had to clean up the mess at her mother’s house.“Why?There was an arts festival, a bride-to-be twerked in an intersection, and a horse pooped in the middle of the street.