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The design The design of the new note “focuses on the wealth of experiences Switzerland has to offer”, an idea represented by the wind, according to the Swiss National Bank.The front site of the note features a dandelion while the rear side shows a mountain range.We were five or six hours into our long day from Portland to Sacramento, driving in a sleek rental car past snow-sprinkled volcano cones dressed with deep green spruce and pine trees, our bellies full of the custard buns Simone and picked out at the Asian market, drinking bottles of cold green tea and listening to a podcast about the birth of punk in 1976 London, the road a winding ribbon of sun-blasted asphalt.We were driving across the hot, marshy farmland outside Sacramento, our bellies full of eggy breakfast, which we’d enjoyed with my mom and her new beau, and it was our last bit of serious travel, having visited four schools on our epic We’d flown into Seattle on the Tuesday before, grabbing a Zip Car and driving it down to Tacoma for a tour through the University of Puget Sound (tiny, lovely, expensive).We were on a ferry from Whidbey Island to the mainland, the Mini safely parked on a ramp belowdecks, our bellies full of mussels, which we’d eaten overlooking Puget Sound.The acclaimed restaurant on the island had been 21 , but with a deposit for the giant steamer pot, I was allowed to take two pounds to go, walking up the street to a picnic table Simone had found, where we feasted on the freshest mussels we’d ever had, the little meaty, briny pillows of goodness bathing in a wine and butter broth, before returning the pot and hitting the road again.

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The twelve stories that comprise the bulk of the work were written down after the Turks converted to Islam, and the heroes are often portrayed as good Muslims while the villains are referred to as infidels, but there are also many references to the Turks' pre-Islamic magic. "Grandfather Korkut", is a widely renowned soothsayer and bard, and serves to link the stories together, and the thirteenth chapter of the book compiles sayings attributed to him.

Taha Yasseri has interests in analysis of large-scale transactional data to understand human dynamics, government-society interactions, mass collaboration, information dynamics, and opinion dynamics.