Dating featherweight

20-Oct-2017 17:39

For as many years as I've been creating bears (over 10,) I've been collecting Singer Featherweight sewing machines.

The very first time I tried one of these amazing machines was the last time I ever used anything else.

4th March, IWF Congress, Istanbul: With effect of 1st May, the weight of the barbell must always be a multiple of 1.0 kg.

A World Record is only valid if it exceeds the previous one (individual lift or total) by 1.0 kg.

I was hooked and I found it impossible not to bring every single one home that I ever came across.

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However, I must warn you - like bears, they are highly addictive.

The Model 70 Featherweight is a 22 inch barrel version of the Model 70 and is available in a large variety of calibers.