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THE NICKEL COLLAR IS HAS NO DENTS OR MARKS & IS FULLY MARKED WITH THE K&P LOGO. The heart of the System is the unique graduated bore in the mouthpiece.This makes the suction applied by the smoker 15 times weaker by the time it reaches the tobacco chamber. THIS IS A REALLY GOOD LOOKING EXAMPLE OF A STANDARD GRADE "313", THE MARKINGS ARE ALL CLEAR & READABLE, IT IS A VERY NICELY FLAME GRAINED BOWL WITH SOME SANDPITS. Introduced in 2012 Limited edition pipes from Peterson, the Dracula Series.It was not long before Charles Peterson walked into Kapp Brothers Grafton Street premises armed with a revolutionary pipe and ambitious plans for the future.Right then and there, Peterson suggested that the brothers go into partnership with him to turn his pipe dream into the world's dream pipe.

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Established in 1923, Parker of London is one of the most experienced and prestigious pipe makers.

The skills and craft which Charles Peterson applied to his original invention are continued by the dedicated team of craftsmen at Peterson today.