Dns slave server not updating

14-Jul-2017 07:44

The above discussed configuration is important in security oriented organizations where the administrators want only the domain client computers to be able to register their information with the DNS server automatically.

Administrators may want to do so in order to prevent any DNS poisoning, or to keep any unauthorized person from over populating the DNS with junk and fake records.

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I can't seem to be able to get my slave DNS server to communicate from master DNS server. can someone please help me to resolve this problem ... by "communicate" do you mean your slave isn't getting transfers from your master or can your slave simple not do any lookups by itself? (this is not valid BIND syntax, since I don't have access to my box at the moment) (on master) a setup like this will allow the slave to "transfer" zone data from the master either on a timed basis (add "notify no;" to master zone config) or every time the master recieves a change in config, either from Dynamic DNS or a manual edit. prepend [solved] to your post title when you feel your issue is resolved.

In case the requesting DNS client computer is not the member of the domain, the DNS server denies their registration requests, hence not allowing them to automatically update the DNS records with their information.