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Tony, an original character, is portrayed by Michael Weatherly, and Ziva, who first appeared in the third season, is portrayed by Cote de Pablo.

Frequently referred to by the portmanteau "Tiva" (for Tony and Ziva), the characters' flirtation and the idea of them eventually beginning a relationship became a subject of interest among viewers, and by 2010, TV Guide reported that "many fans have become obsessed with the romantic tension between Weatherly's character and co-worker Ziva".

One other girl sort of flirted back with him, and she was sort of open. They really seemed to get that immediately, and that doesn't always happen." De Pablo commented, "Michael and I talked about all of those scenes right before we did them. In our minds, we thought the characters weren't faking anything. Then all of the sudden after that, they saw each other in a different light." "This episode was so much fun to shoot.

Patrick is the owner of a popular New York City nightclub "Truth".

Brynn Gingras is famous for being the American national correspondent who covers major breaking news for the CNN based in New York city.

She began her journalism career in the CBS News documentaries division in New York.

When he arrives there and finds no trace of his son, he goes onto Yankee Stadium to search. Clues surface during the subsequent investigation that suggest Gabe may have left voluntarily, but when the team find out some surprising details about his family, it leads them to think again.

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"Series #" refers to the episode's number in the overall series, whereas "Season #" refers to the episode's number in this particular season.Former Miss Missouri USA 2008 Candice Crawford is a journalist as well as the reporter who worked for KOMU-TV reporting the high school sports.