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To save time, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts in Smartsheet.

NOTE: Mac users should use [Cmd] instead of [Ctrl] unless otherwise noted.[F2] / [Fn] [F2] for Mac Users: Enters edit mode on selected cell[Ctrl] [S]: Saves all unsaved information[Ctrl] [Z]: Undo the previous action since last save[Ctrl] [Y]: Redo the previous action since last save[Ctrl] [Enter] or [Alt] [Enter]: Inserts a carriage return or line break in Text/Number cells.

This shortcut always inserts a DATE field, the same as if you had used the Date and Time dialog box and selected the Update Automatically check box.

Even though the Date and Time dialog box and the Shift Alt D shortcut do similar things (allow you to insert the date), there is no "association" between the two.

It happens that one of the most useful shortcuts for me, in excel, was the shortcut for the current date, which is CTRL ; (and of course SHIFT CTRL ; for current time). [closed] To see column titles [closed] How to count how many rows contain particular values in a particular set of cells in libreoffice and excel ?

[closed] How to tag, label or categorize in Calc automatically?

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If you are a keyboard-oriented person, then you can insert today's date by pressing Shift Alt D.Shift Alt D is an independent shortcut; it is not a shortcut for the Date and Time dialog box.Hey, Your Mac has some fantastic shortcuts and workarounds to allow you to get things done faster.Pressing the Enter key while in the details (More) section of an event creates a new line. Use the tab key to move between event fields Tip 6: When changing the start time of an event within the event editor, the end time changes automatically, keeping the duration of the event the same.

Word provides a couple of different ways to insert the current date in a document.

The long date is in the following format: Day in Words, day number, month, year.

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