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The WMMS studios are located at the former Centerior Energy building in the Cleveland suburb of Independence, while the station transmitter resides in neighboring Seven Hills.

The WMMS call letters first referred to an owner – "Metro Media Stereo" – but have since taken on a variety of other meanings.

Cut by hand or use a rectangular cutter to make 24 vanilla biscuits.

Prick with dots as in the picture, right, before baking.

For decorating tips, see click on the Icing Essentials link below.

In a matter of weeks cigarette companies make their packaging indistinguishable.

Though Stephens' crime and videotaped manifestos shocked the world, they fell into a framework familiar to Jane Granzier, associate director of crisis services at Cleveland's Frontline Services: personal issues, perhaps untreated mental illness and a broken heart all combine in a whirlwind of powerlessness to drive a man to unleash violence, blame the woman that he lost and, eventually, take his own life.

But also at play, Granzier said, is a societal stigma that makes people, particularly men, feel ashamed and less manly for seeking help for mental health treatment, a theory known in academic circles as "toxic masculinity." "When you exacerbate that sense of helplessness by feeding yourself this narrative that you're weak if you ask for help, it makes the problem worse," she said.

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Shortly after, a University of Liverpool study also recommended warning labels on the front of bottles to emphasise the dangers of excessive drinking.'We call for further studies exploring the effects of label design and content on consumers’ attention to them' the authors noted.The suicide came about 48 hours after Stephens first began broadcasting on Facebook Live his plans to commit violence.